Fellowship Hall Update Update (a thing so nice we said it twice!)


As many of you know a team has been working hard to prioritize how to spend our funds raised from the Raising The Spirits Fundraiser.  Through the generous donations we raised just over $2700, exceeding our goal.  Cris Heffernan and Maya Desai have been meeting with primary users of Fellowship Hall and have received great feedback from folks responding to our request in The Message during the last weeks of 2018.  We have conducted interviews of regular users of Fellowship Hall to find out how people use the room and what they would like for it in the future.  The interviews & feedback were summarized in a proposal submitted to the board in mid-December.  We are happy to say that we were “greenlit” to move forward on some serious beautification. And so it starts!

The money will be spent on the following: a new coat of paint on the walls, some carpentry to provide a more finished look, some updated lighting to replace the twinkle lights, some new bookshelves selected as a part of a master-plan for furniture, improvements to the storage & nursery doors, and some new trash cans to provide a more unified look.  Over the next few weeks you may notice some smaller and bigger improvements and some paint samples!

You may be interested to know we have decided to hire a painter (Ann Revicki) who will do the prep work (caulking, hole fixes) and comes with the right equipment and experience to paint very high up safely.  She is amenable to work with volunteer painters so that we’ve been able to manage costs and keep this a community project.  She has been instrumental in providing advice about color choice (managing the black floor trim and kitchen counters, the brick columns, & the green portable panels), being mindful of a master plan should we choose to paint the hallway and/or other places in the church.

Sweat equity will be used to clean out and clean-up.  You may have noticed that the roll-top desk is already gone (Thanks Paul!).  The glass cabinet will go, one piano will go, some furniture will be moved around, and the storage closet has already got a clean out (Thanks Steve!).

If you have read this far give yourself a pat on the back.  What we need from YOU:

  1. If you have a thought/opinion/skill that you’d like to bring to the table, we want to hear from you!!  We are trying to build consensus and that can only happen if you don’t hold back and let us know your thoughts!! (We need a skilled electrician…anyone?)
  2. If you have time to help with some clean out/clean up we are planning to work on Jan 12 from 8 am to Noon then we’ll siesta and return to work at 3:30 pm (working around a previously scheduled midday meeting).
  3. If you have time to help with painting during the day on January 29-31, let us know and we’ll get a helper schedule together.

Maya Desai & Cris Heffernan