From the Board of Management


From the Board of Management

by , President, Board of Management

Hi, It’s your Board President, me, John Odell. Yes, that John Odell. I don’t know either. Anyway, I wanted to let you know of two things that were discussed at our last Board meeting:

First, the City has agreed to complete a number of helpful tasks for us as they plan for the Shore Drive roadway move. Specifically, they will provide stairs down to the Bancroft lot, new parking lot lighting, additional curbing, moving of drainage infrastructure, and removal of ash-bore infected ash trees between Bancroft and UUCW property. We will also ask if the city can replace these trees. Many thanks to Sean Divoll, Moira Rouse, Steve Ober, and Aaron for their efforts to date negotiating with the city on this important project.

Second, we had a great conversation about how we could better inform the congregation about our existing safety plan and what additional steps we could take to assure that the safe-space we currently have remains as such. So, to that, expect a Sunday morning pulpit discussion about this topic sometime after the holidays. We also discussed building changes that may be required for safer lock down procedures and the need for a safety task force. The building changes could be part of a more comprehensive upgrade if we decide they are needed to better serve any potential commercial ministry projects. Or they might be a stand-alone measure, to be determined.

Writing of building improvements, due to a successful fundraising effort, we now have a bit over $2,500 to spend towards upgrading Fellowship Hall. If you have any suggestions for Fellowship Hall, please let Cris Heffernan or Maya Desai know as soon as possible.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and see you on Sunday!