Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry News – November 6, 2018

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We strive to advocate for the less fortunate in these difficult times.  The Federal Government has recently issued proposed regulations regarding Public Charge.  These regulations would have drastic effects on the immigrant population’s ability to access SNAP and other federal safety net programs.  Some immigrants are so afraid that they are not signing up for these benefits at this time and are putting their ability to access adequate nutrition on the line.  When Federal regulations are issued there is an opportunity for a Comment Period before they become law.

Last Tuesday evening representatives of Community Legal Aid and the Worcester County Food Bank held a Comment Party to get people to tell those in power what they thought of the proposed regulations.  Imagine that!  We held an event to speak to power.  It was exciting.  Here are some pictures of the event.

And, a reminder:  We appreciate your willingness to donate to the Thanksgiving Bag collection.  Please bring your bags, donations, etc. to the Church on Sunday, Nov. 11th, so the children in RE can sort, count and learn about hunger that day.  Thank you.

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