President’s Statement for UUCW Annual Meeting 2018


by , President, Board of Management

At last year’s Annual Meeting, the Congregation approved the Board’s request to extend the Bylaw suspension that allows the church to experiment with the Policy Governance System. The Board wanted to extend the experiment’s time frame so that we could continue working on several questions that the Board felt needed more consideration. These included finding the optimum way to nominate new board members while minimizing conflicts of interest, the best term limits for board members and executive officers, and to learn if the Minister/CEO position can be reasonably managed by one person.

This year the Board has made a lot of progress toward answering these questions. With the assistance of Tom Pierce the Board has made a lot of progress with updating the Bylaws to reflect the Policy Governance System. Part of those Bylaws sets the Board’s and Church Officers’ term limits and a way to nominate board members while minimizing any possible conflicts of interest. The board intends to be ready to present the new bylaws next Spring so that the Congregation can vote on them at the next Annual Meeting.

As part of his monthly reports to the Board, Aaron told us about a time management computer software program that has been beneficial in helping him juggle the many responsibilities of being a CEO and a Minister. I have noticed that since Aaron has been in this double roll for almost 4 years, it seems to be getting easier for him to be a great Minister and a great CEO at same time.

At last year’s Annual Meeting, the church voted as part of the budget to hire a part time professional bookkeeper to help manage the church’s finances, because over the last few years this job has expanded in scope beyond that which is appropriate for a volunteer Treasurer. Having a professional Bookkeeper to assist the Treasurer has been very beneficial for the Church. It took some time at first for Mary, our Treasurer to train the bookkeeper on how things are done at the Church, but now that the Bookkeeper is getting the hang of it, she has been able to take over a lot of the more complicated work that the Treasurer used to have to do on her own. Having the bookkeeper is allowing the Treasure to be able to start to update the Church’s financial procedures to accommodate the recent changes that have occurred in finances. Having a bookkeeper has improved the timeliness and accuracy of the financial information available to the Board and Staff, which allows these church leaders to better understand and deal with any possible financial issues that occur.

This is my third and final year being your UUCW President. I will be staying on for 1 more year as an active board member serving as the Past-President. John Odell will be taking over the Presidency starting next church year. I know that with John at the helm, our Church and board will continue to thrive and fulfill its Mission to to be a congregation of love, hope and justice, inspiring people to take on the challenges of a changing world.