Why Am I Here?

Why Am I Here?


Why am I here?

A question, I think, all humans face.

When asked in a more defined way, “Why are you on the Board of Management?”, one would think that it should be a question more easily answered.

However, I can overthink thinking about the word think.

So, here is my attempted response, for I have been asked to write a little something for this Nugget, that might give you an idea of why I am on the BOM.

I was born on a Thursday and baptized on Sunday, to cover my parents’ sin of course; neither one was present for the ceremony. I began my religious education through Sunday School in the Congregational tradition and made my confirmation in the UCC (United Church of Christ) church that I continued to serve through my seminary experience. I’ve been called to two UCC congregations as a Sunday School Superintendent (read ‘RE Director’) over the course of a decade.I also have served on boards and committees that have taught me about stewardship, leadership, fundraising, and mission work; resumes available upon request. ☺

My long list of church experiences may give me some foundational ideas about how a church works. However, I hadn’t expected to see a congregation as functional and inspirational as UUCW. Every board meeting sends me back home with a “dijano…?” question such as, “Did you know that our church received a defibrillator donation?”, and “Did you know our investment team makes sure all of our investments have at least a Morningstar rating of four?” I leave BOM meetings in awe of the careful thoughts, empathetic ethics and patient, peaceful struggles that strive together to form this dynamic community.

And, why am I here? I’m not quite sure yet.

Anybody have any good fundraiser ideas?!?