From the Board of Management/Pledge Update

From the Board of Management

by Maya Desai, Board of Management

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Church is a place to feel vulnerable. Like the entire #MeToo service, or Mike O’Farrell’s announcement of new baby Leon, or Denise Darrigrand meeting new members, or Aaron tearing up as he preached on manhood and masculinity, or Carrick McCullough telling us that it’s “OK to be uncomfortable,” or Dianne Mann performing a solo about refugees, or David Bonneau just singing, or when four board members don rainbow wigs and Hagrid beards and heartily commit to an epic performance in the name of encouraging you to pledge* to support this church. And that’s just on Sunday mornings. Never mind the rest of the week.

These moments are made possible because we have this building and Aaron, Robin, Matt, Jen, Chris, and Steve. And the truth is that keeping these people paid and the building warm and lit and clean and maintained takes some organization. That is, in part, what the Board of Management (BOM) does.

The BOM also considers guidelines and policies for how we operate, how we are in our larger community of UUs and within Worcester, how we operate relative to our Mission statement, how the trash gets collected, and the snow gets removed, etc. I like to think of the BOM as the group that deals with the “business of the church.”

It has been a joy for me to be on the BOM for the past 2 ½ years. I’ve learned so much about the structural underpinnings of what makes for a spiritual destination. I’ve attended meetings with people who understand that without dealing with some large important issues AND mundane details, we cannot support and sustain this church.

I’ll be coming off the board at the end of this church year. It was a privilege to participate and I’m very much looking forward to finding my new roles at UUCW.

Maya Desai

*SRSLY, don’t forget to pledge.

P.S. Save the Date for Ferry Beach Sept 14-16. Stay tuned for more info!

The Pledge Drive is Over … Or Is It?

Thank you – we are truly grateful for all the support and for helping making this one of the most fun pledge drives yet.If you have not gotten in your pledge yet, then it’s not over for you!  Please do so now so we can make our goal and, he writes selfishly for the Stewardship Team, keep the number of phone calls we need to make to a minimum.  Also, if you have already given, do know that though we are getting so-close to our goal, we won’t make it without a bit more help.  If everyone who has not pledged yet pledges the same amount they did last year, we will still be about $5k short of our goal.  So even if you have already pledged, we would greatly appreciate you too going to the website ( and up your pledge by whatever you can afford.  Every bit counts!  Let’s earn that last, big red heart!

The Stewardship Team,

John Odell

Dave Schowalter

Cris Heffernan