Living Loving Church

Living Loving Church

by Cristina Heffernan


It is time to decide how much you are going to give financially to the UUCW. We, the stewardship team, have written an email, made a pledge link and form, come up with a theme, planned an announcement, and much more. All of this is necessary because we need to get the congregation’s attention, get everyone to start thinking about how much they can give, and allow the congregation to tell us how much they are willing to give to the church in order to help it stay on its feet and grow.

Your job now is to figure out how much to give.  It is an interesting calculation. Much of course depends on how much you have to give, so start there.  Now think about what you get from the UUCW. Think about how nice it was to come here and have someone greet you and listen to you and forgive you and… well you fill in the blank, this is about you and your decision to give.  Think about all the things that this church provides for others, our charities, our children’s religious exploration, the services that occur in this building, … fill in your favorite thing.

This is a living church, it needs care and feeding. It is with love for this church that you decide to pledge. How much are you able and excited to give to support the Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester? We look forward to hearing your answer. Pledge here.

The Stewardship Committee
Cristina Heffernan
John Odell
Dave Schowalter