Why I’m on the Board of Management

Why I’m on the Board of Management


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I lost a bet.  There, I said it.


The actual story is I was on the Nominating Committee, now defunct, and was asked if I would mind stepping in to fill an unanticipated vacancy on the Board.  Being on the Nominating Committee had educated me just enough to know that if I wanted to truly understand and help the Church I had grown to love and deeply appreciate, the Board would be an excellent vehicle for doing so.   And it has been.  The experience has also made me, as well as my fellow Board members, realize that sustaining the Church requires the entire church community.

Sustainability is one of those annoying words that mean both everything and nothing.  I think this is because you can say that sustainability is about almost anything – cars, food, family, community gardens, regular gardens, fossil fuels, renewables, air, water, earth, computers, family, plankton, the Patriots, the church, whatever.  But, of course, it is not what it is about, but rather what it means.  To me it means to maintain something over the long haul, ideally something of value to the community and the world.  Our church fits that definition to me and that’s why I wanted to join the Board to help make sure it would be around for not just for us, but for generations to come.

Over the last few years the Board has not only been trying to continue the good works of previous Boards but to also rework how we govern ourselves as a church with new policies and practices, increased membership, and a more sound financial footing.  It isn’t easy.  Aaron, Robin and the rest of our church’s small staff can only do so much.  And though most of us volunteer in one way or another, many of us are pretty busy, cuz, you know, life.  But the upside is that it is lots of fun.  Trying to rethink what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it can be done better (or if at all) can lead to some really interesting and thoughtful conversations – and I expect some further great results. Who doesn’t like that?

If you’d like to explore what we are doing in more detail, our recently updated website is full of good info: http://www.uucworcester.org/.