Weekly Summer Worship – Sundays, from June 25 to Sept 3, at 10 am in the Lounge


Summer Services at UUCW are a unique opportunity to worship and share in an informal environment.  Beginning on June 25 through September 3, folks will gather at 10:00 am in our air conditioned lounge for a service conducted by a member or friend of the congregation. While there is no child care or Religious Exploration Program for children during the summer, these services are family friendly and people of all ages are welcome.  Please see below for a list of services this summer.

June 25 – Worship from UUA General Assembly, New Orleans, LA
We’ll gather in the lounge and partake of the worship experience with thousands of other UU’s at General Assembly this week in New Orleans.

July 2 – What’s on Your Mind? with Joan Webster
On this holiday weekend, we’ll gather for a conversation potpourri.

July 9 – The Journey Toward Adoption with Deb Van Batenburg
Deb will explore the journey toward becoming an adoptive parent and family.  She is looking for adoptive families in the congregation who are interested in sharing their story as a part of the service.  Please contact Deb ( or 508-826-4546) if you are interested in participating in this service!

July 16 – Nelson Mandela Day with Sheri Linn
Come explore the important contributions of Nelson Mandela on this day when his life and legacy are celebrated across the globe.

July 23 – Faith in Action with Susan Solis-Castaneda
Faith in action- bettering our communities through service, outreach and understanding and love.

July 30 – Messages from Nature with Kathy Cooper
What does nature communicate to you?  Join us for a thought-provoking service on the language of the natural world.

August 6 –  Artist Showcase with Kim Napoleone
Presenting various forms of art & music. I will ask people to show and tell a little about their artwork. Have artwork you’d like to include in this service?  Contact Kim ()

August 13 – Why We Shouldn’t Put Childish Things Away with Dianne Mann.
Come explore the importance of play and story-telling for improving our well-being at all ages.

August 20 – What’s Happening with Feminism with Joan McGinn
Some people have felt that feminism is dead, but the phenomenal Women’s March in response to the new administration showed that feminism is quite alive and kicking. Three and a half million people worldwide rose up in resistance to the misogynistic behavior and policies of this administration. What’s next for feminism? Does there need to be a specific feminist voice in the next few years in the resistance, or will/should feminist voices fold into the larger class, race and LGBT movements?  Is health care a feminist issue? What about jobs?  Why do women continue to make so little progress in the gender/pay gap? Is the glass ceiling being shattered? Come to a lively discussion about these and more issues surrounding feminism.

August 27 – Green Driving with Craig & Deb Van Batenburg
Green Driving .. what can I do to lower my carbon when driving? Come explore this topic, electric cars and much more on the environment with two of Worcester’s electric car experts!

September 4 – What’s on Your Mind? with Joan Webster
On this holiday weekend, we’ll gather for a conversation potpourri.

Summer Order of Service