One Room Nov 12 – Thanksgiving Food Drive

Thanks to all who helped with our successful Thanksgiving Food Drive:

We read the book " Maddi's Fridge " and talked about word "justice" and especially food justice and food equity.

We talked about these words:

"One out of every five kids in the US is at risk of having an empty fridge like Maddi:
Do you have a friend or classmate who never eats breakfast and doesn't bring food for snack at school? Tell a parent or trusted adult.
When friends come over to play, offer fruit and a glass of milk.
Volunteer with your family at a food pantry or a community kitchen and ask your local food pantry what items they need for donations.
Make posters and talk to your friends , teachers, and parents about childhood hunger. The more we talk about empty refrigerators, the fewer there will be.
If your fridge is empty, it's ok to talk to your parents and or a trusted adult about privately getting access to food at our food pantry. "