Hope & The Holidays

Hope & The Holidays



About the topic of hope, which is the December Touchstone Ministry theme, William Lynch writes,

Hope not only imagines; it imagines with. We are so habituated to conceiving of the imagination as a private act of the human spirit that we now find it almost impossible to conceive of a common act of imagining with… [Hope] must, in some way or other, be an act of a community, whether the community be a church or a nation or just two people struggling together to produce liberation in each other. People develop hope in each other, hope that they will receive help from each other. As with the imagination, we tend always to think of hope as that final act which is my own, in isolation and in self-assertion. But it is not this at all; this interpretation is, in fact, one source of its dubious and sentimentalized reputation. … As it occurs among human beings, it represents or forges the very bonds of human society, meaning nothing less than that [people] can depend on one another. According to this understanding of the matter we would rightly expect that human societies and hope would rise and fall together. (Source: Lynch, William. Images of Hope: Imagination as Healer of the Hopeless. New York: Helicon. 1965)

And so it is a matter of hope that we gather often in community during this time of year, for celebration, support, a time to ponder and to pray.  Here is the essence of our holiday cycle of worth-ship.  And below are the many opportunities to gather this season.

Sunday, December 17 @ 10 am we will host our Annual Winter Solstice Service this year exploring Starhawk’s “A Visit from Mother Winter” Then we gather for the most festive service of our year at 4 pm for the Annual Holiday Vespers Service followed by our Annual Vespers Tea.  If you are willing and interested in helping to set up, serve or clean up following our Vespers Tea, please sign up HERE.

Sunday, December 24 we will gather at 10 am and explore the pre-history of St. Nicholas “When Santa Was a Shaman” and @ 7 pm for our Annual Christmas Eve Service “Come, Oh Come Emmanuel” to honor the eve of Christmas with music and readings for the season.

Monday, December 25 we are invited to join Bethel Lutheran Church in Auburn for a 10 am Christmas Day Service.

Sunday, December 31 at 10am, we conclude 2017 with Guest Minister and Legacy of UUCW, Rev. Jennifer Innis who will return to our sanctuary for the last service of 2017.

As has been the tradition of UUCW there are also a variety of ways to Gift and Give through a variety of means.  Please see this post to discover ways you too can gift and give this season.