What Does Stewardship Mean to Me?  

What Does Stewardship Mean to Me?  

by Cristina Heffernan


When I decided to join the Stewardship Committee I was mostly thinking about the pledge drive.  I thought I could help bring some of my skills with technology to the committee and basically let the team who had been working on the pledge drive take a break. I had been listening to a lot of podcasts about fundraising and the idea of sprucing up the pledge drive appealed to me.

What I had not really thought about was the meaning of “stewardship”. Stewardship is the job of taking care of something. When we participate in stewardship at UUCW what is it that we are taking care of?  First is a community space, the building where we can meet on Sunday, attend book club, perform weddings and funerals. I feel that more than ever our technology allows us to be social without being present in the same room. I can talk to and see my sister who lives thousands of miles away whenever I want, & I keep up with college friends on Facebook. However, I need more than that. I find that the UUCW provides me with a place where I can see people, shake hands, listen and feel the presence of others. Our building is a big part of that experience. Imagine Sunday morning without it! By pledging and helping others pledge I help keep the lights, the heat on and the foundation solid so we can gather.

Second is the people who keep the mission moving forward. There are the volunteers of course but the staff is vital to the workings of our congregation. By sharing the financial responsibility of paying a staff at the UUCW I am making it possible for our Minister and staff to take care of the people in our community, including myself and my family.

I have only lived in Massachusetts for 15 years. I feel very much a part of the UUCW and that is not just because of all the welcoming people. It is because I chose to take care of this community. It is through my stewardship of this place that I truly feel like I belong. For that I am truly grateful.

Finally, the images here are my way of projecting how I feel about stewardship and our community.


Cristina Heffernan