Why I am Grateful for My Time on the UUCW Board

Why I am Grateful for My Time on the UUCW Board

by William Derr, President, Board of Management

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This Nugget Article is the first in a series of communications from the Board to better inform the congregation on how the board works, what it is like to be a Board member or Officer, and the impact of the Board on our community. This year is my sixth year being on the UUCW Board. I was a member of the Board for three years, and then at the end of that time I began my three year term as the President of the UUCW. At the end of this church year I will be the President Emeritus and still be an active and voting member of the board for another church year. After that I will no longer be an active member of the board, but will be available to advise the board as needed.

As a Board Member and UUCW President I have had the opportunity to contribute to our church and greater community. I have worked to maximize the Church’s resources to fulfil our mission to be a Congregation of love, hope and justice, inspiring people to take on the challenges of a changing world. During my time on the Board, the UUCW has faced an ongoing financial shortfall. Despite this we have still been able to grow many ministries that successfully work to bring more love, hope and justice to our community. These ministries include our dynamic Religious Exploration Program, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, and 50/50 Collections.

My work on the board has allowed me to learn a lot of new things and to grow personally. When I started I had no knowledge about how churches and nonprofits work. Through reading some great resources and learning a lot from the more experienced members of the Board, I have become familiar with the best methods for a Board to help a non-profit be successful and relevant.

During my years on the Board I have enjoyed being part of a team made up of talented and dedicated people that working together to improve our Church and greater community. I have developed close friendships with many interesting and kind members of our Church.

The board is able, through discussion, to arrive at a solution that is better than anything one person could come up with on their own.  During my years the board discussions have always been respectful.  Having a smaller board and changing to Policy Governance model has enabled the UUCW Board meetings to be more efficient and keep the discussions relevant.

At the end of this Church year, President-Elect John O’Dell will take over as President of the UUCW. The President Elect is usually a 1 year term but the length of the term, but could be changed depending on the needs of the President and President Elect. Spending some time as a President Elect gives the incoming President time to gain experience and knowledge that will help them be a more effective President. I am excited that John O’Dell will be our next UUCW President. He is committed to our church and its mission, he is a quick learner, has a lot of board experience, and does a great job keeping board meetings efficient and on task. I know the future of the UUCW will be a bright one thanks to the dedication and hard work of all of our board officers, board members, staff and volunteers.