Digging for Gold

Digging for Gold  

Robin Mitzcavitch, Director of Religious Exploration and Education

The first morning we were working at The Deep Roots Shelter, Earleville, MD.  Nir Cohen and crew were clearing out the raised beds- putting the garden to “bed” for the winter.  They found a bed of unharvested potatoes.  Nir told his crew that digging for potatoes was a great joy: it was like digging for gold or treasure. Everyone dug in, and unearthed the potatoes one by one.  It was a joyful experience; like the entire service trip weekend.  I feel honored to have worked with 19 teens and 6 adults from our church community.

Whether it was in the sawdust, the paint can, the craft closet, the playground, or the garden; you didn’t have to dig far to find the precious commodity of pure gold- goodness, hard work, humor, and patience.

We can’t do trips like this one without teens signing on to work hard and be cooperative, to bring open hearts and their flexible nature.  Sometimes it’s easier for the younger folks to learn how to do this sort of thing.   It’s definitely easier for them to drum up energy!  .  Our fabulous teens did just that.  They also displayed authentic kindness to each other and showed empathy and compassion to the families living at the shelter.

Now, being an adult chaperone isn’t as easy or as natural as you would think.  And, no matter how many eager young teens sign on for a service trip such as this, it cannot be brought to fruition without many adult hands.  This job is the most challenging one in the broad scope of volunteerism.  Dealing with teens of different ages, coordinating them, teaching them a skill, keeping up with them, having a sense of humor, and showing concern and love and heart when things may not go perfectly. This takes a special adult.

I would like to thank the chaperones who signed on this year.  They drove the vans, operated tools, rounded up materials, made the lunches, cooked the breakfast, tried to sleep, got up and did it all over again – always with a smile and a kind word. Nir Cohen, Bart Hill, Lee Hill, Bryon Sweeney, Paul Vigneau and Will Wallace.  Thank you again and again – our teens can’t experience the power of these service experiences without you.  Our church community can feel proud at how we represented our church.  The families we served were thankful and felt blessed by our contributions.

Stay tuned for our Deep Roots Bulletin Board in Fellowship Hall.  Check out all the amazing things we accomplished in 2 workdays.  And until we hit the road to our service trip destination next year, I challenge you to keep digging for the gold – the treasures within you that you can share with others.

With love and peace to you,