Committee on Right Relations Survey


Committee on Right Relations Survey 

, Co-Chair, UUCW Committee on Right Relations

Last Spring the Committee on Ministry (COM) briefly presented the congregation with our plans to transition to the Committee on Right Relations (CORR) during the 2017-18 Church year. At that time we began testing a project to promote awareness of our covenant and elicit feedback and a conversation about how we, as a congregation, are living within the covenant.

The test project included the first two articles of our covenant. From the responses we received, some of the things we learned were:

Regarding the first covenant (bringing our best selves to form a welcoming, loving, and inclusive community of faith):

  • We found that the individuals responding did a serious self-inventory about how their presence as a member of the congregation affects others:
  • Some members occasionally struggle with making the transition to a UU environment because of what they have learned in their religion of origin.
  • While some members are aware that we have a conflict resolution process, some are not. There is also a notion of holding in resentments and not feeling validated or confident enough to express themselves when they sense a conflict.
  • Some members do not feel respected because of their political beliefs and/or their level of education.

Regarding the second covenant (Creating an atmosphere of celebration and worship in a safe environment):

  • Many of us feel safe when we are with people we identify with, but sometimes we need to be more cognizant of people who present views that are not only different, but also perceived as threatening to our views.
  • Generally UUCW offers enough activities and gatherings that allow us to come together despite any differences we may have.

Starting this week, we are going to present the opportunity to continue this dialogue over the next few months. It is our intent to roll out a short survey on each article of our covenant every two weeks both in church and online. For those that don’t want the pressure of keeping up with each article, earlier surveys will continue to be available online. At regular intervals we are going present some of our findings, both during services as well as distributed via email.

In order to understand our role as CORR in contrast to COM, the following are the comparisons of our purpose:

  • The purpose of COM was to strengthen the quality of the ministry within the congregation (as it relates to the mission of our church). It advised the board as to the health of the Ministry
  • The purpose of CORR is to assist the congregation and its leadership in upholding it’s Covenant of Right Relations.

Going forward, we encourage the congregation to keep a continuing dialogue with the members of CORR. One of our key intents is to be conscious of our language and communication with each other and recognize that we can learn from our differences. We plan on holding workshops on various key points that will foster this communication and help us celebrate our diversity. As our world gets increasingly divisive, we are hoping the UUCW will be the standard bearers for Right Relations.

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Dan Secor