This Church Year’s Goals for the Board

by , President, Board of Management 

As part of the Policy Governance System, the Board and the Minister/Chief Executive (Aaron) attend a yearly retreat where goals are set for the Chief Executive and the board. In the Policy Governance System the Board is responsible for writing policy to guide the church in articulating its mission and visions, ensuring responsible stewardship of church resources and for evaluating the chief executive’s success at achieving his/her annual goals. Below are the goals that the board set for themselves at the August 2017 Board Retreat.

Board Goals for the 2017 -2018 Church Year

  1.  The Board and the Committee on Right Relations will collaborate to develop a ministerial evaluation process that will best fit our Church’s needs.
  2. The board will determine which policies need to be developed to complete the shift to the Policy governance structure.
  3. Aaron and the board will work together to determine what work has to be done in the ministry aspects of the UCCW, and to begin to accomplish that work.
  4. Start a task force or working group to discuss new revenue streams for the church, possibly to include a memorial garden, coordinated strategic capital campaigns, a nursery school, more effective space rental, etc.
  5. Start a task force or working group to improve new membership outreach, and find alternative ways to connect with members and the community.