Yard Sale Results!


We did it again!  Three days of hard work preparing – setting up the rooms, pricing and getting ready.  The first people showed up to shop at 7:10 this year and by 8 when we opened the doors the line was across the parking lot.  So many thanks are due to the amazing crew – Ruth Silver, Susan Solis-Castaneda, Janet Stone, Betty Jenewin, Pat Wolski, Joan McGinn, Marilyn Martin, Peg Gifford, Chuck Innis, Maggie Hastings, Dianne and Kim Mann, Nancy Hancock, Sandra Ansaldi, Ana Gregory, Kim Napoleone, Barbara Wahlstrom, Carole Carmichael, Linda Morse, Beth Posner-Waldron, Debbie Merrill, Dan Dougherty, Mara Pentlarge (and the whole Radik family), Kathy McKee, Susan Chaffee, Moira Rouse, Skylar and Conrad Homan, Tom Heffernan, Drew Lanyon, Christine Lynch, Mimi Allen, Sean Reynolds, and Aaron Payson.

Thanks, too, to those of you who brought things to be sold and to those who came and shopped.  With all that we sold, we still ended up taking 3,781 pounds to Savers who will pay us by the pound.  When all the dust settles it looks like we will have brought in a little over $6,000.  That is amazing for a 5 hour sale!

It was another memorable event.  Again, thanks to all for your hard work, your creativity and your good humor!!!