2017 Dr. Irving & Annabel Wolfson Lecture and Award – April 2, 2017 10 am

The UUCW Wolfson Lecture Committee is pleased to announce that Maria Greene, Executive Director of the UU Humanist Association  (UUHA) has been chosen as this year’s Dr. Irving & Anabel Wolfson Award Recipient and Lecturer. This year’s lecture will take place on Sunday, April 2 during the 10 am Worship service with a reception to follow in Fellowship Hall.

Ms. Greene’s lecture is entitled, “Humanism and Unitarian Universalism: Better Together”. She writes, “Recent events have convinced me that the world needs more of what we UUs have. Humanism is a positive lifestance that puts the responsibility for progress into human hands. We UUs are not all Humanists, but we do share the same humanistic values and the same appreciation for diversity and difference. The UU embrace of Humanism sets it apart from other liberal religions and its time for us to proudly proclaim and celebrate our welcome of all. Differences in metaphysics pale in importance to the need to provide support and hope as we navigate through challenging times together.”

Maria Greene has contributed articles related to Humanism to the American Humanist Association, to the UUHA’s journal “Religious Humanism” and the UUHA blog, and she has a chapter in the recently published book from Skinner House, “Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism”. Ms. Greene is also a computer programmer with a degree in Computer Science from Brown University. Ms. Greene and her family currently reside in Acton, MA, where they are members of the First Parish Church of Stow & Acton.